I help women to respect, trust, and love themselves through Integrative Nutrition. We will look into our “Primary Foods”, which are broken up into 4 categories: Career, Physical Activity, Relationships, and Spirituality. We will also look into your “Secondary foods”: nutrition. By focusing deeper and respectively on every aspect of your life, we can break down barriers and change the unhealthy stories we have told ourselves. We will spend time on self-care and self-love exercises to help bring out your self-confidence that has always been there. We will discuss any underlying perfectionism that may be paralyzing your progression. I will be your health coach and personal cheerleader through this process and will help guide you towards the goals you have set for yourself. Together we can eliminate the fear that has been holding you back from what you have always desired.






We will work on setting goals and expectations for how I can keep you accountable on your wellness journey. Over the course of our 6-month program, I will provide tips, tricks, exercises, and resources that are catered to you and your goals. I am committed to your success.

What Are The Outcomes?


  • A better understanding of your own body and what it nutritionally needs (what I like to call Bio-Individuality)
  • A newfound respect for your unique self and what gifts you can bring to the world
  • Passion for pursuing your goals
  • A non-judgemental space for opening up about your concerns, dreams, and emotions
  • A coach who can keep you accountable for what you want to accomplish
  • More love and compassion for your body, mind, and soul
  • Practical tips on how to eat healthy, exercise in alignment with your body, eliminate stress, and gain confidence
  • Limit perfectionism tendencies

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Working with me as your Personal Health Coach is not only the first step toward loving yourself, but it’s essential in your life to have someone keep you accountable and be that support team you need!

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