Benefits of Daily Gratitude

Benefits of Daily Gratitude

I know what you’re thinking…wow groundbreaking, another blog post on gratitude around Thanksgiving time. How original ūüôĄlol. However, I really do believe that a regular practice of being thankful for what we have in ours lives can benefit us in many ways. I’m only mentioning it this week because gratitude is on the forefront of everyone’s mind. Yet, do you express gratitude every single day? Or even a few times a week? Sometimes when this theme isn’t the topic of conversation we can begin to forget about all the amazing things we have going for us right now.

Expressing gratitude can look different for everyone. It can be something we write out in our journal everyday during our Morning Routine. It can also be a time we speak to a higher power when we are praying, thanking this presence for what they have given us. We can also focus on 1 thing we are grateful for as we are meditating. When we can put all of our focus and attention into these small treasures, our mindset and health begin to change.  


Having a gratitude practice set in place daily, significantly alters what we focus on throughout our day.¬† Ever notice your mind start to wander and think about what you’re going to say as you’re listening to someone speak? This means you’re not being present. You are too focused on what to say next because you don’t trust yourself to just be. You must meticulously plan out your next move. Being thankful for your current life and who you currently are can shift us away from wanting and yearning to be someone else and trying to be perfect.

As a recovering Perfectionist, this was very difficult for me. To just be with my thoughts and be thankful for the person standing in front of me, it helped me not to focus so much on myself, instead I would focus on the other person. Daily gratitude helps us maintain as sense of living in the moment  and accepting the current situation for what it is. It also allows us to be completely open to whatever may come into our day. We learn to be better listeners when we can live in the present moment and with that, have better relationships. 

Ever notice your friend looking at their phone when you’re speaking? How does that make you feel? Like they don’t value you? Like they aren’t thankful to be with you? When you are grateful for those relationships in your life, you tend to cherish them more and want to be fully present with them. Encourage that friend on their phone to be with you and not focus so much on what they’re missing out on.¬†



Feeling grateful all the time can also affect our mood. I know when I’ve started my day with a good journaling sesh of writing out all the things I am grateful for, I feel so much better about my day. I feel like I’m supported and an overall sense of happiness. I also find myself treating people differently. I smile at people more, I am more kind, and I give people my full attention when I’m with them. My energy levels are higher as well. I find that when I start my day off with honoring the good in my life the bad things that happen don’t seem as bad anymore.¬†

I find that I feel a lot less anxious when I give thanks. My stress levels are high when I feel like I’m falling behind in life, my business, my education, or my finances. If I’m accepting the now and where I am currently that feeling of inadequcy falls away.¬†


Do you start your day with scrolling your Instagram feed or Facebook home page? How does that make you feel? I know for me, it feels like I’m behind, and like I’m not good enough already and I haven’t even left my bed yet! This compare and despair issue we have going on with our culture right now has got to be addressed. One way that we can change our mindset about comparison is gratitude.

The more we look around us at the things that we possess, the communities that support us, and the people who love us, the less we can start to seep back into the pattern of envy and jealousy. Also, a NEWS FLASH for you: Social Media is NOT real life. I know many people that have accounts with fabulous photos, but when you speak to them in person, they are not happy or they feel like they are not enough. Where you are right now is enough. What you have right now is enough. Make goals, make a plan, but honor the journey and the process that it takes.


Being that it’s Thanksgiving week, I know you will already be thinking about everything in your life that you appreciate. However, when this week is said and done and the New Year Resolutions start to kick in, just remember that a daily practice of gratitude can keep you grounded and not yearning for a better life. Your life is beautiful just the way it is. Honor it everyday and give thanks to where it’s due.¬†

Comment below with how you express gratitude….is through mediation, a mantra, journaling, or prayer? Would love to hear from you!¬†

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!¬†¬†ūü¶ÉūüćĀ

What My Wedding Taught Me

What My Wedding Taught Me

Before my wedding, I had this fear. As the days got closer, I kept envisioning me walking down the aisle. All eyes on me, terrifying. You would think that I would be used to it by now, being an entertainer, but it’s an entirely different experience. I still get nervous onstage, but playing a character is so much less stressful and vulnerable than playing yourself. 
When I kept thinking about this, it brought up a bunch of other thoughts about my performing career. Why was I so confident playing other people, and not myself? I can see now that acting and performing were my way of hiding who I really was. No one thought that I lacked confidence because on stage I was someone else. Someone who was fun, whitty, playful, beautiful, kind, warm…I thought I could never walk onstage as Jeanna Grace Daniels and expect the same praise as my alter egos. 
Growing up, I knew that I was talented, and I knew others valued that in me. I started to believe that this talent was all I had to offer as a person. The stakes became high when I couldn’t deliver what was expected of me. I would avoid things such a karaoke because god forbid if I sang bad. What would people think of me? Would people judge me for this? Would they even like me anymore without my voice? 
Reading the infamous book, The Five Love Languages really opened my eyes to the love I was lacking in my life. I realized that my love language was touch and no one around me was feeding me in my desired dialect. This lead me to think, that to be valued and worthy I was to prove that I am worth being valued. Which, resulted in showcasing my talents to others and being outwardly confident, when in reality my self-worthiness was shattering. 
I was washing my face one night when this thought came to my head. As a young child, all we want is to be heard, loved, and valued. Our culture showed me that by being good at something or looking good is the only way you can be loved. Falling into the performing industry just made sense because of my natural gifts, but was it the right choice for my sensitive and love hungry soul? I believe everything happens for a reason. I feel that if I weren’t to have had these experiences in the arts and the discoveries I’ve made after taking a Sabbatical from it, I would not have learned so much about myself and the world around me. It took stepping out of the glitter and glamour to open my eyes at what was in front of me in the mirror this entire time. ME. Not a character, not a singer/dancer/actress. Not a super happy, bubbly person, but Jeanna. 
I sat down and wrote out all of the things that come to mind when I think about who I am. I loved this activity for myself, I encourage everyone to do this. A lot of times, we can get caught up in our work place or our environment and think that those things define us. That we cannot be someone else or even disagree with what’s happening in front of us. I am so much more than people label me as.
I am…..




Warm maternal energy








Health Coach
Hugger (sometimes butt tapper)
Personal Developer 
Professional Singer
Acceptable dancer
Passionate and energetic Actress 
Beginner Voice-Over professional
Business Owner
Animal and Baby whisperer 
Avocado addict 
Bread and Butter fiend 
Coffee drinker 
Barre Fan
Recovering Perfectionist 
Blanket cuddler
Good friend 
Cat Mom 
Control Freak 


Lemon (lululemon)
Hair Model
Cold Weather Lover
Bare Face
Popcorn crusher

¬†I walked down the aisle as me and only me. I did not pretend to be someone else for the benefit of others. I walked towards the man who loves every single essence of my being and didn’t look back. I‚Äôm tired of hiding, I‚Äôm tired of being in fear of rejection, I‚Äôm tired of the expectations I put on myself. I walked forward as Mrs. Gillespie, 30 years old, and the bravest I‚Äôve ever been.¬†

Have any self-love stories? Comment below or you can email me at This world we live in is tough, why not bring ourselves up instead of limiting ourselves everyday. If there is any inspiration you got from this post, feel free to do this activity yourself, share it, and tag me so I can see it.

Who you are is enough. 

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