How My Program Can Change Your Life

How My Program Can Change Your Life

My program Fully Loving You is not like other Health Coaching programs. The structure and accountability is the same, but we focus much deeper on self-love and acceptance. So much of what we struggle with comes from a lack of self-confidence within ourselves and this affects other areas of our lives, especially our health.

When we don’t truly love ourselves we can be influenced to compare us to others constantly. We become dissatisfied with everything in our lives: our bodies, our thoughts, our job, our performance, our homes, our families, our friends, all elements. We strive to change them all the time and make them perfect or like the people we see.

When we don’t truly love ourselves we can be influenced to compare us to others constantly. We become dissatisfied with everything in our lives: our bodies, our thoughts, our job, our performance, our homes, our families, our friends, all elements. We strive to change them all the time and make them perfect or like the people we see.

Do you struggle with perfectionism?


Being perfect or a perfectionist can be incredibly draining. We are always worried about what other’s think of us, how we are performing in every aspect of our life, and set-backs are devastating. I realized after becoming a Health Coach that Perfectionism is a cultural epidemic that we are all struggling with. It’s actually something our culture encourages. This mentality sells us products, ideas, and unrealistic expectations. Of course we are disappointed in ourselves because of the extremely high bar that society sets for us every day. 

We all need more self LOVE, ACCEPTANCE, and RESPECT in our lives. With my clients, I focus on this part of their belief systems within their mind. What do they believe about the world, other people, and themselves? Usually it’s the common phrase, “I’m not good enough.” When we stop comparing ourselves to the world around us, we stop judging ourselves and learn to accept us now.

Self-Love is more than face masks.

Another important element of my program is not only changing belief systems, but inviting in nourishing physical self-care. This can be in the form of skincare, muscle relaxation, nutritional foods, mindful movement, and creating or challenging your craft. Self-love is not just scrubs, bath time, and face masks. Loving yourself extends to every part of your life. When you work with me we focus on each ares as it’s own part, but we also focus on how it’s connected to other parts as well. For example, do you find when you have a difficult or stressful day at work, you tend to reach for comforting foods? Or if your home environment is not clean or tidy to tend to not be inspired to create? I can help with that.

In my program Fully Loving You, we discuss small habit shifts that can lead to life-changing routines. However, we can only stick to our goals if we first believe that we can accomplish them. Bringing inner confidence to yourself is the first step towards a healthy life. Everything else will fall beautifully into place. 


Interested in loving yourself more or maybe for the first time? Click here to sign up for a FREE 30 minute virtual Commitment Call with me, to see if this program is right for you. 

The Benefits of a Health Coach

The Benefits of a Health Coach

Not many people know what a Health Coach can do for them. They think that it’s another expense that they don’t need. I totally understand the dilemma of money, believe me; however, I never knew how beneficial having a Health Coach would be until I got my own.

When I was younger, people were impressed by my drive and motivation for accomplishing my goals and taking risks. When I was deciding on my side hustle, I loved the idea that I could combine my passion for motivating people to live their best life and wellness with a Health Coaching career. I knew what I could help other people with achieving, but once I tested out a 6 Month Program with my own coach, the benefits were very clear.

Having a Health Coach in your life is like having your own personal cheerleader rooting for you and making sure you get the things done in your life that mean the most to you. Life can throw you off balance every which way and put those things on the back burner. I remember reading an article from very old women who were reflecting back on their own lives. Common regrets include, “I wish I had lived my own dream, I wish I had taken more risks, and I wish I had take better care of myself.” Read the full article here.

With my own 6 Month Program, I grew a tremendous amount and discovered new things about myself that I don’t think I would’ve ever discovered on my own. By speaking these things out loud to another human, I felt a cleansing, a realization, and a validation within myself. She showed me that by taking risks, I can own my power and confront my fears of failure or judgement. Having that support, I felt more free to live a life that aligned with who I was, not what others expected of me. 


Americans have at least 1 Chronic Disease


Heart Disease and Diabetes that can be prevented

Some common benefits of having a Health Coach include


  • Helps with creating balance in all aspects of health to prevent disease of any kind
  • Helps you understand your body’s systems of health for the promotion self-healing
  • Provides the right plan and tools for sustainable change as opposed to suppression of symptoms and disease with drugs
  • Encourage clients to adapt healthy behavior changes and to hold themselves accountable  for their choices, supporting them in their decisions
  • Guides you to create goals that align with your present life and who you want to become
  • Specializes in weight loss, sleep, natural energy sources, stress management, digestion, bio-individuality of nutrition, fitness, time management, simple living, goal-setting with actionable plans, creating a wholistic approach to wellness through balance of all areas of life

Having my own Health Coach has been life-changing for me, and I know that I can change your life, too. The women I have already helped are living their best lives with so much power and focus and continue to grow into the best version of themselves. I can’t wait to hear from you to start on your life-long journey towards wellness and limitless possibilities. 


Here’s what my clients are saying about who this program is right for:

“Anyone looking to actively work with someone to make improvements in their
overall health. Those that are looking to make real change towards a self- sustaining future, with the perfect cheerleader by their side should look no further than Jeanna Daniels.”    -Nicole R

“Everyone! I believe that if more people had health coaches the world would be a happier and healthier place!”    -Jenna D.


“This program is for anyone who has a hard time organizing their overall health. Most specifically, women in the arts would really benefit from Jeanna’s specific care towards the crazy lifestyle we live.”    -Becca A.

What’s a Health Coach & Why you Need One

What’s a Health Coach & Why you Need One

Even though the Health industry is slowly recognizing Health Coaches as a real thing, most people still don’t know what they do and how you can benefit from one. A lot of people compare them to Nutritionists, Therapists, Personal Trainers, or medical professionals. Some people think that it’s a waste of time and not as effective as it seems. Health Coaches are different from all of these occupations; however, are not meant to replace them. In return they work alongside these experts as an ally to achieve a balanced healthy lifestyle. Coaches have a different role all together and have been sought out recently to fill that gap that Nutritionists, Doctors, and Therapists cannot. 

A Health Coach is a mentor or guide who empowers clients to take responsibility for their own health and achievement of wellness goals. They focus strongly on lifestyle shifts and have a basic understanding of dietary patterns and overall wellness. Coaching clients toward their own ideas of health instead of someone else’s is key. They do not diagnose or prescribe cookie cutter plans the way a Doctor or Nutritionist would, instead focuses on the individual’s needs, what they want to achieve, and keep them accountable for it. Health coaches also aim to teach the client how to listen to their body so that they can learn to heal themselves. Most health professionals give you no option but to depend on them for their services with plans and prescriptions; however, Health Coaches teach you a skill you can maintain for the rest of your life. 

I am a Health Coach. I love the feeling of helping people accomplish their own ideas of success. I like to push and motivate people. 

I knew that Health Coaching was the path for me when I knew I could combine my love for helping people with my obsession with health and fitness. Since a tween, I had been reading every magazine, book, or blog to do with being healthy: “The Best Exercises for a Firm Booty”, “Superfoods”, “How Many Calories Do You Need Per Day”, “Yoga for a Restful Sleep”, and “Meditation for Less Stress”. I had become a little obsessed with planning out meals, exercise regimes and trying most fad diets out there. The information involving the world’s idea of being healthy was overwhelming. Like most people who struggle to find the answer to great wellness, I became very confused on what was the perfect healthy life. 

The reality is, there is no ideal way of eating or exercising. Health is not a desired destination for your life, it is simply a constant journey that is individualized for all of us. When I discovered this for myself I instantly wanted to share this concept with everyone I knew. This is when I discovered the role Health Coach.

People need someone to talk to about their confusion. Someone to empathize with them about the pressures of maintaining a balanced life in this society. As a Health Coach, I am passionate about hearing a person’s story and how that has affected their journey towards health. 

Let me help you! Some concerns Health Coaches can help you with include but are not limited to: Weight management, food craving, sleep, energy levels, stress management, and digestive issues. For me, my clients and I focus on bringing more self-love into every aspect of your life. I hope you will consider having one in your life, even I have my own Health Coach. 

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