Finding Your Why

Finding Your Why

You’ve probably heard this phrase before about finding your “why” behind everything you do. It is a very powerful concept to help keep you motivated and put intention and fuel behind the goals you want to achieve. 

In this culture we live in today, we are bombarded with images and hidden messages about who we should be and what we should be striving for. Sometimes when we create goals, it’s easy to only focus on extrinsically motivated ones assuming that the world knows what we want. Well I hate to break it to you, but TV, media, and manipulative advertisements DO NOT know what you want. For example: If all the movies you watch contain size 2 women that all look the same, you’ll assume by looking in the mirror that this is the desired look of the culture and that you should strive to look this way to. 

Being extrinsically motivated means that we let our outside environment dictate who we should become. I want to encourage all of you to be intrinsically motivated. This means looking within yourself to know what you want and desire in the world. In the process, you will find your “why.” 

Why do you want to lose weight? Why do you want to start your own business? Why do you want to drink a green juice everyday? Why do you want to meditate? These are the questions we should be asking ourselves once the goals have been manifested. Is it because we want more friends? Is it because we don’t look like everyone else and we hate our bodies? Is it because we genuinely want to live a longer life? We want to be financially free? Everyone is doing it? 

Acknowledging how your culture, friends, family, and media affect who we strive to be is the first step toward finding your “why.” If we start to look within and drown out the noise we can discover our true meaning behind  living a healthier, more fulfilled life. 

I want to be an example for all women and young girls to love themselves more and being authentic in the world. I want to live long, love hard, and never apologize for who I am. I want to spread my message to as many people as possible and be a ripple effect through the ones around me. 

How I Schedule My Life

How I Schedule My Life

Finding time to do the things you love is tough. Life always seems to get in the way. Things come up, we have to drop everything and tend to the mess in front of us. I have always loved making lists. I don’t know about you, but I thrive on them. I’m like Dory 🐠 and cannot remember anything if I don’t write it down. If I don’t write it down: 1. It will be lost forever & 2. It will clog up my brain so much that I’ll get anxiety about it. 

Then, I started doing this thing where I dappled in different ways of scheduling and list making. That turned into a mess. I couldn’t remember where I wrote that thing or that to-do list, or that person’s phone number! UGH! The past couple of years I have tested many different methods of planning: written, digital, apps, notebooks, calendars…. My goal for this year was to simplify my life as much as possible. Here is the way that I personally like to schedule my time. 

  • Google Cal- I have one day a week that I sit down and plan my week and my meals. I do this with my Google Calendar. Everything is in block format by color. Bright pink is personal, light pink is Coaching, blue is work, green is wedding, yellow is theater, and purple is bills. I try to stay on schedule as much as possible, but when things come up I can easily move my block of time or switch it with something else. I always try to prioritize my goals in my week. As you can see below there were things I wanted to get done with my business, so I scheduled it in. This is my primary source of planning my week. I look at my calendar every morning on my computer and I can take it with me on the app on my phone. It also notifies me 10 min before an event, so I can wrap up whatever I am currently doing. LOVE THIS!
  • My Bujo I used to love my bullet journal. When I was working on a cruise ship, I got so many people hooked into it. I wish I could say I still have the same schedule as I do while working on a ship; however, unfortunately I do not. Recently, I found myself getting too into the perfectionism of theming my months and draw straight lines that were evenly spaced. It was too much to have to conjure this up every month/week. Now, I use my bujo as a way to track my habits, look at my normal boring to-do list (like laundry, make a phone call, etc..), meal planning for the week, and I also write out my memories from the month. It isn’t my main source of scheduling so there is less pressure to take it everywhere with me and make it look pretty. I love getting to the end of the month for that reflection time and writing out all the things that I did. It keeps me present and helps me to practice gratitude when I feel like my life is getting crazy.
  • Clear app- This app is a great one for those random things you think of when you’re on-the-go. I put my groceries in this app. They have this feature where you can swipe things away and check them off when they’re done. You can also move around the list to self-prioritize what’s needs to get done first. You can also title your lists. This app is fantastic for quick list making while out

Well, that’s it! I discover new things everyday about my preferences for scheduling. Taking the time to check in every week and/or every month to see how you’re doing is key to troubleshooting anything that isn’t working for you. I am always evolving in my planning journey and learn from the things that don’t work. For example: I like starting my weeks on a Monday instead or shifting my bullet journal intention. It’s all good with whatever you decide to do. My biggest tip is to keep it simple, make it functional, and schedule in time for planning and your goals. 

Is Fear Holding You Back from Accomplishing Your Goals

Is Fear Holding You Back from Accomplishing Your Goals

When was the last time you were brave? Went back to school? Changed jobs? Took hold of your health? Sacrificed something for someone else? Look back at all your moments of courage and think about who or what led you there. 

I have made some brave decisions in my life so far, and I’m not even 30. 

✨When I was 18, I moved to New York City all by myself and attended a performing arts academy 

✨When I was 20, I took a performing gig on a cruise ship that went around the world, and stayed there for 8.5 years

✨When I was 23, I moved to Australia for a man on a work/holiday year-long visa

✨From 24-26, I chose to finish my degree online while working on that same cruise line traveling all over Europe 

✨At 27, I got my certificate from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and also did this all online, on a ship

✨At the same age, I said yes to marrying a Scotsman who’s family lives halfway across the world. 

And just recently, I have moved to Orlando, Florida, saying goodbye to a life I know so well. I was not ready for life to pull me in this direction. I was scared and confused and helpless. I had my cry and picked my ass right up. I didn’t have time for siting around feeling sorry for myself. I went through some massive changes, and had to make huge sacrifices and I wouldn’t change them for anything. Fear could’ve easily held me back from most of these experiences and moving forward. We let fear take over so much of our lives and the choices we make everyday. Sometimes, we say no to brave choices out of the fear of change, or a lack of acceptance from others. When we say yes, we can potentially have meaningful experiences that enrich our lives. One theme I see over and over again when I watch interviews with older people, is they regret that they let fear hold them back from doing what they wanted to do. 

So, how can you be brave today? What is something you’ve always wanted to do or accomplish but haven’t taken the leap? What’s holding you back from being the best version of yourself? Don’t you deserve to have a rich and passionate life? 

As a coach, I push others to find their courage and leap into the unknown, to put themselves first and always, and to not let society/culture tell us how to live our lives. Let’s create some magic together and make some of your dreams a reality. 

Be brave. You are worth it. Sign up for one of my programs to start seeing progress in as little as 1 month. 

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