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We could all use more self-love in our lives

I believe that too many people, especially women, are not satisfied with themselves. Whether it’s the way they look, feel, act, or think, we all have this unrealistic expectation of who we are supposed to be, staring us down on a daily basis. I coach women through self-love and self-awareness to be more confident in what makes us unique individuals.
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How We Do It

In my 6-month program, Fully Loving You, I coach women on self-love and self-acceptance. This time period allows for implementing habit changes and seeing results. The one-on-one sessions are every 2 weeks for 50 minutes and we focus on health goals and the skill of listening to our bodies.

Our Mission

I want to make self-love a daily part of your life. By having more acceptance and appreciation for yourself, this can spark new and meaningful relationships, better healthy habits, creativity, a spiritual awakening, seeking a fulfilling career, and many other life changing experiences.

Client Testimonials

I love Jeanna so much! She’s worth a million bucks and I don’t know what I’d do without her!
I love Jeanna so much! She’s worth a million bucks and I don’t know what I’d do without her!
Jeanna is warm, welcoming, comfortable around others, a good listener, energetic, approachable, and articulate.
Jeanna genuinely cares for the life success of others and loves sharing her passion for self-improvement with others.

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Working with me as your Personal Health Coach is not only the first step toward loving yourself, but it’s essential in your life to have someone keep you accountable and be that support team you need!

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